Living Waters Ranch in Challis Idaho Presents Our
Annual Spring/Summer Conference:

June 6-8, 2019

Discover Biblical Truths To Change Your Future
Dueteronomy 8:18 / 2 Corinthians 9:8


Living Waters Ranch is dedicated to helping people like you, especially ministers and ministries, understand and live within the amazing blessings of the Kingdom of God. This conference is a big part of that focus as we come along side you to encourage, equip, and assist you with vital truth, new relationships, and times of refreshing in our beautiful mountain setting.


There’s a lot of misinformation about what God thinks about Poverty and Prosperity. Both of those words can cause people to cringe for various reasons, but the fact is God said exactly what He thinks and we can live by His words. God is for you and not only wants to help you gain His type of wealth for HIs reasons – which is not what most people think it is – He also wants to help you achieve and use it correctly. No matter how far away from wealth you are at the moment, God can help you change all of that.

At this conference you’ll receive clear, concise, you-can-do-it-today knowledge that will change your future to the good God has already established for you. That future is not without challenges – it will require work and perseverance – but working with God and His specific plan for you makes it a lot easier.

No pipe dreams here, no greed – just truth.


  • God’s Will – Poverty or Wealth?
  • What Wealth Is & Is Not
  • Crush Debt once & for all
  • How To Increase Your Net Worth
  • You Can Be Too Valuable To Lose
  • How To Invest Starting Where You Are
  • What’s Your Witty Idea Worth Doing?
  • Living To Give or Giving To Live – Why Both Work
  • The 3 Paths of wealth
  • The Master Key To Building Wealth
  • The Automatic Wealth ladder